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LM64183P LCD Display SHARP


Product Specifications :

Part ID - AH1220LM0105

Category - DISPLAY

Sub Category - LCD Display

Make - SHARP

Unit of Mesurment - Nos

Model no. - LM64183P

Description offer SHARP LM64183P is a 9.4 inch diagonal FSTN-LCD display panel product, with an integral CCFL backlight system, without backlight driver, without touch screen. It features an operating temperature range of 0 ~ 45°C , a storage temperature range of -25 ~ 60°C .

Technical Detail -Click to Download


  • A316726WI0143
    Without Wifi CNC Drip Feed Unit SF
  • AH1124120142
    123 CRT Display NB
  • AQ4033TU0133
    Turret Rotary Encoder BTP-8A Rotary Encoder PRAGATI
  • AH1220LQ0132
    LQ104V1DG61, Size,10.4 inch LCD Display SHARP
  • AP6326MO0131
    MOP Keysheet Membrane keypad SF
  • AP6314SH0130
    sheet A98L-0001-0568#T Membrane keypad All Brands
  • AK3613 90129
    9WF0624H4D03 60X60X25MM 24VDC , 0.15A , A90L-0001-0508 Fanuc Drive Fans Sanyo Denki
  • A286132AM0128
    AMS HMC-400XL Used Horizontal Machining Centers Ace Micromatic
  • A286031PV0127
    PV-1100 Used Vertical Machining Centers Max Drill
  • A286030MA0125
    MAX 65, Used Vertical Machining Centers MAKINO
  • A286129FM0124
    FMH-400 Used Horizontal Machining Centers FEELER
  • A286028MY0123
    My centre 4X, Used Vertical Machining Centers KITAMURA
  • A286027MC0122
    MCV-610AP Used Vertical Machining Centers LeadWell
  • AT4226PO0121
    Power and Feedback cable with connectors for Fanuc Servo motor Power cables SF
  • AT4226DO0120
    Double end connector with 5Mtr , Fanuc Servo motor Power cables SF
  • AT4226DO0119
    Double end connector with 6Mtr , Fanuc Servo motor Power cables SF
  • 29%
    DVP 16SM11R Expansion Module Delta
    ₹ 3575 ₹ 5000
  • AM3315LM0114
    LM20 ,2.0 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0290#LM20, LM Series Fuse Daito
  • AY5523BR0112
    BR-2/3AGCT4A 6V battery For FANUC A98L-0031-0025 Drive Battery Panasonic
  • AA811RE0111
    Refurbished 93-32-5559A HAAS 20HP Vector Drive ,Under Exchange Vector Drive HAAS
  • AA811RE0110
    Refurbished 93-32-5558, 40HP Vector Drive under Exchange Vector Drive HAAS
  • AK5416RE0109
    Rewinding of A90L-0001-0515R FANUC Spindle Motor Blower Fan Minebea
  • AX5311RE0108
    Refurbished 93-32-5559A HAAS 20HP Vector Drive ,Under Exchange HAAS Drives HAAS
  • AX5311RE0107
    Refurbished 93-32-5558, 40HP Vector Drive under Exchange HAAS Drives HAAS
  • AH1222MC0106
    MC75T04E LCD Display HITACHI
  • AH1220LM0105
    LM64183P LCD Display SHARP
  • AH1220LM0104
    LM64P101 LCD Display SHARP
  • AK3616160103
    1611VL-05W-B49-NMB-Mat, DC24V, 0.07Amps Fanuc Drive Fans Minebea
  • AK3616160102
    1608VL-05W-B69-NMB-Mat , 24VDC ,0.13Amps Fanuc Drive Fans Minebea
  • AH1221NL0101
    NL8060BC31-27 LCD Display NEC
  • AH1220 L0100
    LQ084V1DG21 LCD Display SHARP
  • AX5219RE0099
    Refurbished TP1200 Series 6AV2124-0MC01-0AX0 Touch Screen 12.1 in Human Machine Interface - HMI SIEMENS
  • AA5111RE0098
    Rewinding and serviceable of Haas Spindle Motor HAAS
  • AO4717DP0097
    DP 6Way 21Position rotary Feed override Switch Tosoku
  • AO4717DP0096
    DP 4Way 16Position rotary Feed override Switch Tosoku
  • AO4617DP0095
    DP 2Way 4Position rotary Rapid Override Switch Tosoku
  • AO4517DP0094
    DP 3Way 8Position Rotary Spindle Override switch Tosoku
  • AQ4018CN0093
    CNC Spindle Encoder E68S15-1024-6-L-5 , Incremental Rotary Encoder Autonics
  • AS3917HC0092
    HC115AB10 MPG (4 Axis with 2M Cable) Electronic Hand Wheel Tosoku
  • AK3616NM0091
    NMB-MAT 3610KL-05W-B49, Equivalent to A90L-0001-0378, 0.16A Fanuc Drive Fans
  • AM3515DM0090
    DM32 3.2Amps Equivalent to Fanuc Fuse A60L-0001-0172#DM32 DM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3515DM0089
    DM10 1Amp , Equivalent to Fanuc Fuse A60L-0001-0172#DM10, DM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3515DM0088
    DM05, 0.5Amp, Equivalent to Fanuc Fuse A60L-0001-0172#DM05, DM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3515DM0087
    DM03, 0.3Amp, Equivalent to Fanuc Fuse A60L-0001-0172#DM03 , DM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3415MP0086
    MP032 , 3.2 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0046#3.2, MP Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3415MP0085
    MP10, 1.0 Amp Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0046#1.0, MP Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3415MP0084
    MP05 0.5 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0046#0.5 MP Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3315M50082
    M50, 5.0 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0290#LM50, LM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3315LM0081
    LM32, 3.2 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0290#LM32, LM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3315LM0080
    LM10, 1.0 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0290#LM10, LM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3315LM0079
    LM03, 0.3 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0290#LM03, LM Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3215GP0078
    GP75 7.5 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0245#7.5, GP Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3215GP0077
    GP32 3.2 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0245#3.2 GP Series Fuse Daito
  • AM3215GP0076
    GP50 5.0 Amp, Equivalent to FANUC Fuse A60L-0001-0245#5.0 GP Series Fuse Daito
  • AH1212SE0073
    Serviceable of Fanuc LCD Display FANUC
  • AH1112SE0072
    Serviceable of Fanuc CRT Display FANUC
  • AG2212SE0071
    Serviceable of Fanuc AC Spindle Motor FANUC
  • AI2114SE0070
    Serviceable CNC Lathe spindles All Brands
  • AI2014SE0069
    Serviceable of VMC & HMC spindles All Brands
  • AK18139W0068
    9WF0624H4D03 (A90L-0001-0508) Fan Motor For Fanuc Drives Sanyo Denki
  • AG1712SE0067
    Serviceable A06B-0315- AC Servo Motors FANUC
  • AG1612SE0066
    Serviceable A06B-6140-H Alpha PS Power supply module FANUC
  • AG1412SE0065
    Serviceable A06B-6110-H i Power Supply Unit FANUC
  • AG1612SE0064
    Serviceable A06B-6083-H HV Alpha Power supply module FANUC
  • AG1612SE0063
    Serviceable A06B-6081-H Alpha Power supply module FANUC
  • AG1612SE0062
    Serviceable A06B-6077-H Alpha Power supply module FANUC
  • AG1612SE0061
    Serviceable A06B-6087-H Alpha Power supply module FANUC
  • AG1512SE0060
    Serviceable A06B-6057-H Servo Drive FANUC
  • AG1512SE0059
    Serviceable A06B-6079-H SVM Servo Drive FANUC
  • AG1412SE0058
    Serviceable A16B-1212- Power Supply Unit FANUC
  • AA1311SE0055
    Serviceable I/O PCB-R 65-3081 PCB HAAS
  • AA1011SE0054
    Serviceable 4096 CPR 30-5840 Magnetic Encoder HAAS
  • AA911SE0053
    Serviceable 32-5550J 30A Servo Amplifier HAAS
  • AA911SE0052
    Serviceable 32-3551J 45A Servo Amplifier HAAS
  • AA811SE0051
    Serviceable 93-32-5559A 20HP Vector Drive HAAS
  • AA811SE0001
    Serviceable 93-32-5558, 40HP Vector Drive HAAS