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Rewinding and serviceable of Haas Spindle Motor HAAS


Product Specifications :

Part ID - AA5111RE0098

Category - HAAS - Repair Services

Sub Category - Haas Spindle Motor

Make - HAAS

Unit of Mesurment - Nos

Model no. - Rewinding and serviceable of

Description specialize in the repair of Haas spindle motors,We keep Coils, bearings in stock for these motors to allow us to keep pace with our repair volume. Lead-time can be as short as 2-3 days.Repairing ProcessDisassembled and cleaned.Inspected dimensionally and visually.Quoted for repair.Motor rewinding and to carry all winding test.The rotor is assembled with new precision grade sealed / shielded ceramic bearings.Rotor taper is ground to true the taper, and/or the bearing journals are plated and re-ground to proper bearing tolerance and total indicated runout.As required, the lower, middle and upper bearing housings may be bored, bushed, and reground to proper concentricity and dimensional tolerance.The rotor is re-assembled and dynamically balanced.The rotor is installed in the housing.The unit is run tested for 5-10 hours with testing of vibration, temperature, and noise levels..

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